365 Days

This is me, putting it all out there. I’m starting on a path to a new me. I’m sure there are thousands of blogs out there that state the same thing, and that’s fine. This is my story, my journey and my crazy life all wrapped into a year of writing.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are ~ Unknown

I have the chronic problem of starting something, procrastinating and then eventually quitting because quitting is easier than starting all over again. Hence the title of this blog. I would rather be procrastinating with a glass of wine in my hand than facing up to the realities of life and tackling a challenge head on.

Taking my motivation from the famous Julie & Julia, I am now committing myself to 365 days to a new me. My thought is the same as Julie’s. If I commit to writing every day about working out, cooking, daily craziness, then maybe I will be able to change my life for the good and return to someone who actually loved working out and cooking good meals for my family.